• Works with 91-525 to make tenons longer than the standard 7/16".
  • Precision machined from fatigue-proof steel for extra strength.
  • Micro-grain carbide tips for a long life and repeated sharpening.
  • Silver PTFE coating reduces resin build-up for fast and easy cleaning.
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  • Imported from USA.
This extended tenon cutter bit is used for making longer tenons to add strength to your door. Use this bit in conjunction with our 91-525, Shaker Entry & Passage door set to make longer tenons than the standard 7/16" width that the set makes. In fact, with item 91-525TC you can extend your rail tenons to any width you choose, making for a stronger and longer lasting door. If you already own our 91-525 set, the 91-522TC is the perfect companion bit to expand your door making potential.

Extended Tenon Cutter for 91-525