• Permanently Seals Blown Head Gaskets.
  • Permanently Seals Leaking Radiators.
  • Permanently Seals Warped & Cracked Heads.
  • Permanently Seals Leaking Heater Cores.
  • Includes 32oz Head Gasket sealer and 32 oz Flush.
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  • Imported from USA.
The Blue Devil Engine and Cooling Sealant has the remarkable ability to repair and seal leaks in freeze plugs, leaking radiators and heater cores, cracked or warped heads and fix most blown head gasket by forming a permanently seal. The Blue Devil Engine and Cooling Sealant will also work on internal gasket leaks, where small amounts of coolant seep into the engine oil. Contains no solid or particulate matter. It is non-clogging and will not harm your engine. Bonds to metal, aluminum, cast, alloy or plastic. Is safe and easy to use. Works on cars, trucks, vans and SUV's with gasoline or diesel engines. Independent laboratory tests and confirm Blue Devil is the only sealer known to form a permanent seal and does not rely on particles, temporarily plugging leaks.

BlueDevil 32oz Head Gasket Sealer w/Radiator Flush