• Imported from USA.
    ExcelFu 8 in 1 Prebuilt Coils Kit Resistance Wire Coils Set for Craft Wire Projects, Kanthal A1 Material, 48 Pieces in Total, Come with T-type Screwdriver and Cleaning Brush Specifications Resistance value: 0.85ohm 6 x Clapton coil (24ga+32ga) Resistance value: 0.5ohm 6 x Hive coil ((30ga+30ga)*2mm) Resistance value: 0.45ohm 6 x Mix Twisted coil ( 0.2*0.8+26ga 3.0mm) 6 x Fused Clapton coil (28ga*2+32ga) 6 x Alien Clapton coil (0.3*0.8+32ga) Resistance value: 0.36ohm 6 x Quad coil (28ga*4 3.0mm) 6 x Tiger coil (26ga+0.2*0.8mm) 6 x Flat Twisted coil (0.2*0.8*2mm) Package include 6 x Clapton 0.85ohm 6 x Hive 0.5ohm 6 x Mix Twisted 0.45ohm 6 x Fused Clapton 0.45ohm 6 x Alien Clapton 0.45ohm 6 x Quad 0.36ohm 6 x Tiger 0.36ohm 6 x Flat Twisted 0.36ohm 1 x T-type Screwdriver 1 x Cleaning Steel Brush

    Prebuilt Coils Kit, Kanthal Wire with A1 Resistance Material for Craft Wire Projects, 8 in 1 Total 48PCS, Come with T-Type Screwdriver and Cleaning Brush