• Dermastamp is designed as an efficient and cheap method to treat small and isolated scars that is difficult to reach. It includes areas like the one between the eyebrows and the deep lines surrounding the lips. It is a small skin needling tool with titanium needles,which is used to “stamp” the skin to create tiny holes that heal very quickly. The hole area is as lager as fingertip..
  • It is also said Dermapen. It is used to created invisible miniscule contact points on the cuticle of the epidermis and dermis by the very small titanium needles of the dermastamp. The growth factors will increase when the very small wounds restoring, and then it will induce protein collagen generation. The collagen will generate a lot more if you apply the essence or placenta essence at the same time when using the dermastamp..
  • COMPETITIVE PRICE: With such low and affordable price, you can get a perfect result at your own home without going to Beauty salon. Hollywood clinics are offering facial needling using the same techniques for upwards of $3000 for 5 sessions.You not only can save money, but can save time. During the free time, you can stay alone enjoying quiet music, you can also accompany your family as well as your friends..
  • Effective for Stretch Mark Removal, Anti Aging, Repair Acne Scarring, Wrinkle Reduction, Cellulite Reduction, Hair Loss Treatments, etc. It is a kind of nursing that causes the skin to regenerate itself rather than injecting collagen from the outside..
  • 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE AND PERFECT AFTER-SERVICE: We are one of biggest manufacture of beauty equipments with about ten years sale experience. We have got a lot of safety certifications about derma roller, includding: Medical CE, RoSH,ISO and PSE. If you are not 100% satisfied with the Derma Roller System, simply return it to us and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked..
  • Imported from UK.
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TBPHP Titanium Microneedling Stamp for Acne Scars, 35 Needle Tip, 1.0mm

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