• Perfect for ThinkPad E15 E580 E590 E595 T570 T580 T590 L580 P51s P52 P52S P72 P53 P73 Laptop.
  • INNOVATIVE layout design, individual mold in position with 0.18 mm thickness, ULTRA THIN & INVISIBLE cover.
  • Type easier, enjoy the light touch of the fingertips, soft rubbery feel. Does not hinder your 100 wpm speed.
  • Significantly REDUCES THE SOUND of your key switches.
  • To keep typing covers soft, clear, to prevent keyboard-shaped smudges on the screen, we suggest washing it once a week; please keep it flat to wash, do not fold it..
  • Imported from USA.
DO check your laptop model (like the ads photos guide). It only fits this model=> --- Thinkpad E580 E585 15.6" Laptop --- Thinkpad T570 T580 15.6" Laptop --- Thinkpad E590 E595 15.6" Laptop --- Thinkpad T590 15.6" Laptop --- ThinkPad E15 15.6" Laptop --- Thinkpad L580 15.6" Laptop --- Thinkpad P52S P52 15.6" Laptop --- Thinkpad P53 15.6" Laptop --- Thinkpad P72 P73 17.3" Laptop Caution: This keyboard cover ONLY fits US version, not EU version. DO check your "Enter" key to make sure it is the same rectangle as other keys.

Keyboard Cover for Thinkpad E15 T15 T15p L15, ThinkPad E580 E585 E590 E595 T570 T580 T590 L580 L590, Thinkpad P52 P52S P72 P53 P73 Laptop (NOT Fit for P51) - TPU