• Gold-Star (250 ml) + reductor solution (50 ml).
  • easy currentless DIY gilding.
  • 24 carat gilding possible.
  • 0.93 g gold / litre.
  • works on many metals (read the descirption well!).
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  • Imported from UK.
Gold-Star (250 ml) - Currentless gilding, alternative to gold electrolyte – Gold plating bath DESCRIPTION OF THE ARTICLE The Tifoo Gold-Star gilding bath allows you to gild non-ferrous heavy metals, nickel or silver in a few minutes. In order to use it, you don't need any plating experience nor equipment. Make old jewellery shine again. Using the Gold-Star for DIY gilding is very costumer-friendly: Just mix the included reductor into the bath and the gilding bath is ready to use. The bath gilds copper, brass, bronze, nickel and silver in a very short time at a working temperature of about 90 °C. Already after a few minutes, you will have achieved a bright and visually appealing gold layer. On copper, you can achieve a red or rose gilding. The colour changes here from copper-coloured (red) to golden yellow via various red-gold shades. By stopping the heating of the bath and by taking the objects out, you can achieve these red gold shades. When gilding longer, you will always obtain yellow gold (24 carats). The bath doesn't require previous experience nor complicated equipments, although it is advisable to use the bath in a suitable receptacle (beaker) with a loose lid, for example the Tifoo basic kit for currentless plating baths. Make yourself a professional gilder! With the universal gilding bath from Tifoo. Please read our instruction manual thoroughly before buying and using this product in order to achieve perfect results for you work! SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS For safety instructions, see the product label in the article's picture gallery!

Gold-Star (250 ml) - Currentless Gilding, Alternative to Gold Electrolyte – Gold Plating Bath