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  • Our Magnesium model utilizes a high magnesium content alloy (96% Mg) for the diaphragm material. Magnesium is the least dense of all stable metals, and also has a very high stiffness-to-weight ratio, and that is why it’s used in automotive and aerospace applications. These two properties result in a highly efficient, low distortion transducer..
  • The sonic signature of the Magnesium is fairly neutral, but with a brighter top end than our Be model. Many people prefer this sound for use in noisier environments..
  • You’ll get adapters that let you use your IEMs with any equipment, whether at home (the 1/4″ gold plated adapter jack) or on the go (the lightweight, gold plated airplane adapter)..
  • We manufacture our own earbuds from medical grade silicones and urethanes, and we include small, medium, and large sizes of single flange, dual flange and foam units..
  • Imported from USA.
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Periodic Audio "Mg" Magnesium diaphragm Audiophile in-ear headphones assembled in California

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