• UNIVERSAL BUFFER: The Navaris clear bumper pads come in a set of 2 x 12 round stoppers made of soft, flexible plastic. Use to provide discreet protection for walls, doors and cupboards. Or add non-slip feet to chopping boards and glass table tops..
  • SOFTENS IMPACT: The transparent stoppers dampen the dents and bangs caused by fast-closing doors and drawers. They also protect surfaces from chips and scratches, such as on furniture tops, walls or tile floors..
  • INCLUDED IN DELIVERY: Set of 24 soft round bumper pads. The clear bumpers are 22mm diameter and 5mm high, lightweight and self-adhesive. Clean surfaces before sticking for optimal grip..
  • USE AROUND THE HOME: These little helpers are ingenious around the home. Absorbing sound, vibration and offering anti-slip protection, you're sure to find a use for them in every room..
  • PROTECTS SURFACES: In addition to cupboards, windows and door handles, try the buffers behind picture frames, under toilet lids, beneath cutting boards or glass tops..
  • Imported from UK.
Protect the surfaces of your home and help reduce noise with the Navaris transparent bumper pad pack. With a round shape and easy installation, you're sure to find a use for these bumpers in every room. HOME MUST-HAVE* Absorb bangs and impacts within your home with these clear bumper pads for furniture, doors and walls. Protect your household surfaces effectively and unobtrusively. VERSATILE PRODUCT* Protect easily-scratched surfaces and delicate objects by using the stoppers as cushioned feet. Stick to the bottom of cutting boards, glass table tops, heavy bowls or vases. CABINETS AND DRAWERS* Offering more protection than those typical tiny dots, the Navaris buffers can be used on cupboard doors, kitchen cabinets, chests of drawers, door handles, glass windows and more. Helps to guard against damage and noise. EASY INSTALLATION* Wood, plastic, glass or metal - the pads are self-adhesive and stick to most smooth surfaces. For best results, clean surfaces before applying. Removal is also easy and residue can be cleaned away. COMES IN A SET* Delivered in a pack of 24 bumpers. SPECIFICATIONS* Material: Silicone * Dimensions: Ø 22mm x 5mm high (7/8" x 3/16") * Colour: Transparent SCOPE OF DELIVERY* 24x Clear Bumper Pads 22mm

Navaris Clear Bumper Pads 22mm - Pack of 24 Self-Adhesive Soft Protective Feet Stoppers for Furniture, Cabinet Doors, Cupboards, Drawers, Wall, Glass