• Includes Baseline load to ELAVON(9.8.3) and debit injection to Elevon, enabling the terminal to work with all Elevon Processors. You can contact your merchant service company and confirm the back end.
  • Design/Ergonomics: With compact design and ergonomic styling, Ingenico's iCT200 series offers a huge range of functionality. Clear backlit graphic displays, white or colour screens allow easy reading and promotion of the merchant's brand, while the intuitively backlit designed keypad, with large keys, delivers ease of use for both merchant and consumer..
  • Communication: Equipped with an unparalleled array of communication tech nologies, such as fast modem, ethernet or GPRS, Ingenico's iCT200 series delivers any time, anywhere connectivity. A contactless EMV payment option supports card and mobile phone Near Field Communications (NFC) payment, already certified MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave..
  • Software Development: Ingenico delivers incremental revenue today and future proofs the terminal investments of tomorrow. Uniquely, the iCT200 series is backwards compatible with most of all Ingenico services and applications (800+), while provides the rapid development environment on which to build a compelling portfolio of targeted, new generation services..
  • Ict220 with EMV/Smart Card Reader and NFC (Apple Pay) Reader.
  • Imported from USA.
The rapid pace of technology development means there has never been a better time to invest in new enabling solutions - supporting consumer payment behaviour today while future-proofing your infrastructure to take advantage of tomorrow's opportunities. Ingenico's new generation iCT200 terminal series does just this, combining the power of 90 nanometer technology, the latest PCI PTS 3.x security, and the revenue potential of countless value added services in one unique family. Engineered to last, the compact design eliminates technical complexity to assure faultless operation in even the most demanding of banking and retail environments, while its ergonomic styling delivers the most comfortable and convenient user experience of any terminal in its class. In common with the latest generation of Ingenico terminals, the flexible, open platform at the heart of iCT200 series ensures compatibility with the entire Ingenico solutions range, with any time, anywhere payment delivered through a complete range of wired and wireless connectivity options.

ELAVON Compatible Ingenico ICT220 Dual Com Terminal with Apple Pay and EMV/Smart Card Reader