• German Crushed Glass.
  • Diamond Dust.
  • Water Effect.
  • Snow Effect.
  • Add Sparkle to any project.
  • Imported from USA.
German Crushed Glass is really sparkling and used for embellishing 3D pictures and lirs if other Crafts. It can be used as Snow or Water effect as well as a sparkled Sand look. Andrea has also used it in the back ground of some Angel Pictures. It really looks great. Just spread Silicone where you want to use the Crushed Glass and then sprinkle the Crushed Glass and pat it down with your hand, wait a few minutes and then shake the excess Crushed Glass off and put back in the container to be used with another project

Crushed Glass Clear Sparkling German Glass - Great for Crafts, Fingernails, Home Decor and More!