• About this item.
  • Clinical strength deodorant for women that gives long lasting wetness protection yet still gentle for everyday use.
  • Degree Shower Clean clinical deodorant features sweet notes of rose and jasmine that leave you feeling bright, clean, and ready for the day.
  • A deodorant for women with long lasting prescription strength wetness and odor protection.
  • A clinical strength antiperspirant women can trust even when in the most challenging situations.
  • Antiperspirant deodorant for women that is easy to apply and works.
  • Imported from USA.
Degree Women Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant Shower Clean 1.7 oz gives strong, yet gentle protection from sweat and body odor all day long. This clinical strength women's deodorant provides advanced strength wetness protection so you can stay confident to perform at your best in even the most challenging situations. While taking a strong stance on wetness, this women’s deodorant is still gentle for everyday use. The Shower Clean scent features sweet notes of rose and jasmine that leave you feeling bright, clean and ready for the day. This is an easy to use antiperspirant deodorant even with it’s clinical strength properties. For best results, apply this women's deodorant to your underarms before going to bed. While you rest the unique formula builds a strong level of protection from sweat and odor that lasts throughout the following day. This is a clinical strength deodorant women can rely on for long lasting protection with fresh fragrance to protect against sweat and body odor. When life demands more from you, whether you’re in the gym, in the office, or out and about with friends, stay confident and dry with Degree Women. Keep moving confidently and keep fresh all day with Degree antiperspirant for women. Degree. It won’t let you down.

Degree Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Deodorant Shower Clean for Excessive Armpit Sweating 1.7 oz