• CPAP FULL FACE MASK LINERS are soft and comfortable fleece fabric that helps protect your skin from direct contact with the CPAP mask. It may also help reduce noisy air leaks, excessive moisture, skin irritation, and may help provide additional comfort while you are on your CPAP mask..
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Protecting your skin from any possible irritation due to the prolonged direct contact of your face to the CPAP mask. It can also help reduce facial marks, redness, chaffing, excessive moisture, and noisy air leaks if adjusted or fitted properly..
  • FEATURES: Reusable, washable, and breathable soft fleece fabric designed to provide optimal comfort while using your CPAP full face mask..
  • INSTRUCTIONS: The small hole that goes on the inside of the mask is meant to be cut larger to fit your unique facial features. Start by cutting the mask liner hole only slightly larger than the original cut, test on your face, and adjust if necessary until you get the perfect fit. Check out our full instructional video on how to install your CPAP mask liners on the product images section or from our item description below..
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 4x full face CPAP mask liners, 2x travel wipes and 100+ CPAP Comfort Hacks E-book.
  • Imported from USA.
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RespLabs CPAP Mask Liners for Full Face Masks - Reusable & Universal Soft Fleece Cover - Compatible with Most CPAP Full Face CPAP Masks, 4 Pack - Includes 2 Travel Wipes and CPAP Comfort Hacks E-Book.