• MyDipkitStore provides the original, patented do-it-yourself version of the commercial process used to transfer patterns or images onto any hard surfaced part that can safely be submerged in water..
  • Each kit from MyDipKitStore comes with THE HIGHEST QUALITY film (20 inches wide by 6.6 feet) and absolutely everything else necessary to process your parts (minus the actual dipping container and a small amount of hot water)..
  • The activator, primer, gloves, scuff pad, a respirator, and a specially designed pre-mixed aerosol base coat paint and high quality clear coat you need are included..
  • Each kit from MyDipKitStore also contains detailed instructions written by experienced processors with a combined 50 years in the industry. We provide technical support if necessary..
  • These kits are direct from the original manufacturer so you can be sure that all kit components are of the highest quality!.
  • Imported from USA.
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Timber's Edge XD - Hydrographics Film Kit - MyDipKit - RC-442 - Water Transfer Printing